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Hello World!

March 1, 2010

Welcome! Today is the birth of my blog and I specifically chose to launch on this day as it is also my daughter’s birthday.  Choosing her birthday to launch is very appropriate as she is the 6th generation of Medoras in my family. Yes, we really have passed down our unique name over the past 133 years that many times. Amazing when you think about it.

My mission is to share with the world some of the “simple truths” that I have learned either from my ancestors or from personal experience and observation. Why? Because I care about people – that would be you – and truly wish to help others navigate this sometimes bewildering thing called “life” .  Most of what I will share are timeless truths as there is no expiration date on wisdom.  I also want you to know that I didn’t and don’t make the rules about life.  Rather, I simply report the reality.  And, the dirty little secret is that most of us don’t like having to face/deal with reality.  Who wouldn’t rather live our fantasy life? But, living in fantasy land – or in the state of denial – leads to frustration, depression and dissatisfaction. 

So here is the first of many simple truths I want to share with you: the journey to become the person you want to be is going to be a long one.  So be patient with yourself.  But, do always strive to be a better person each day you are allowed life.  Have a bad day or make a mistake (or several?) one day?  Then be thankful when the day is done and go to sleep with the idea that tomorrow will be better/different. Think about it – it has to be – you aren’t going to wake up and repeat the same mistake(s) again the next day, are you? (please say no!)  Nor, in all likelihood, will the exact same things that caused you to have a bad day be repeated. Perhaps – but the odds are in your favor that they won’t.

But what if you are in a difficult situation that seemingly has no end? Ah, that is another simple truth.  Things change – they really, ultimately do.  You’ll either adapt to the situation and make the best of it, find a way to resolve it or the situation will resolve itself. Regardless of how things change, if you are wise and hopeful (please want to be wise and hopeful!) you’ll learn, evolve and grow in understanding. 

So, dear world, enjoy the journey on the way to being the person you want to be and were meant to be.  It really is a great ride.

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