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Labor Relations

September 5, 2011

Today is Labor Day – a day that commemorates the economic and social contributions of workers from all professions. It is also the “official” end of summer.  And, in the Southern United States, it also signals that it is time to put away your summer whites until Easter which is 6 – 8 weeks earlier than other parts of the U.S. for practical reasons due to our earlier hot temperatures.  In particular, in the northeast, white is “allowed” after Memorial Day, when the summer resort season officially begins.  I digress, but the “white rule” is important to this G.R.I.T. (Girl Raised in the South). Can’t explain why – other than I think it is coded in my DNA.

What I want to write about this month  is about work and our relationship to it and with it. We all have to work in some way.  Very few of us escape this life without having to contribute our time and talents to society in some form or fashion so it is a topic that everyone can relate to.

Recently, a close family member experienced a protracted period of unemployment and I learned so much as I walked with her on that frightening path of uncertainty.  Thankfully, she is now employed – but how things have changed in the workforce!

So, my “Mondays With Medora” blogs this month will hopefully provide some insight into how to help you with your relationship to work: how to increase your chances of being hired, remain employed and enjoy the job you do have. If you’ve been reading my previous blogs, you know I tend to take a light hearted approach so that you’ll be entertained as you are also being informed. “See” you next week!

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