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How to Survive and Succeed in Life Without Being a Bitch or a Bully

September 21, 2011

It finally published! The book that I’d been working on since late last summer and finished right after the first of the year is here. It was a long gestation process – and I learned quite a lot. The most significant thing that I learned is that the publishing of an actual book is quite different from the organizers I’ve released. Very different. But, I do have to admit that I enjoyed all the steps involved in the process. Each one of those steps was different and kept things quite interesting. And, with October being “National Bullying Prevention Month,” I can’t help but think that the stars were aligned so that it would publish right now.

The first question I’m asked by almost everyone is why this topic? My answer is very simple: I don’t like having to deal with bitches/bullies. Do you? And, I am dismayed by how society and the media seems to promote this sort of bad behavior (pick any given “reality” show for an example). So the book is my response to that.

The title seems to take most by surprise as it is a bit “in your face.” But, from a marketing standpoint, that’s a good thing. Even before it was published, I began getting serious interest from the media. My first TV interview was today on WOAI in San Antonio. The conversation was  quite lively and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The host really seemed to enjoy taking the quiz in Chapter 7 to determine whether or not she was a bitch/bully. She was quite relieved to learn that she was not!

If anyone in the blogosphere reads it, I would love to hear your response/reaction/comments, etc.
You may contact me via email: Oh, and FYI, an audiobook is being engineered as I write this as well as an e-book. I’ll keep you posted when those formats are released.

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