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Sibling Relationships

October 3, 2011

October began the month with one of my sibling’s birthday.  And, his birthday inspired me to write this month’s “Monday’s With Medora” blogs about the relationship between siblings.

I grew up in several blended families as both of my parents practice what I like to refer to as “legal polygamy.”  One of my parents has been married a total of 6 times (!!) and the other only  3. No, we aren’t Mormon.  I make no judgments about the multiple marriages as I don’t for a moment believe that either of them began their young adult years intending to have so many marriages between them.  But they did. And, one of the consequences of those marriages is the various permutations of family that evolved and of which I am a part.

Originally, my family was the “typical” American family: Two parents who had only been married to each other and who had two children.  So, in my early childhood, I only had one sibling and that’s how my sibling count may have remained except that… life happened. Now, if my count is correct, I have had a total of 17 (!!!) siblings comprised of whole, half, adopted, step and ex-step. In all these various permutations and family situations, except for one period of time, I have always been the oldest.  As such, I believe that I have a very unique perspective on sibling relationships. And so, this is what I want to share this month with you – that perspective.

So, if you find yourself falling into one or all of the listed categories, my hope is that this month’s posts might offer some insight into how to blend and how to cope in a situation not of your making. If you’re the parent of a blended family, I hope that the posts are helpful for you as well as they will provide insight to some of the feelings that your children – whether biological or not – might be experiencing.

And, yes, this is a serious topic – but if you’ve been reading my other posts – you know that I like to keep things entertaining and lighthearted.  I hope that I don’t disappoint you!

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