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The Halves

October 17, 2011

I have only lived with one of my half siblings – yes, there are several – for just the first 3 months of his life.  The others were raised in completely different families and because of the family dynamics (what I really mean is dysfunction), I really don’t know any of them.

Over the years, however, anytime that I did see them, I was struck by how strong genetics can be.  It’s not that the halves look like me – in fact, 3 of us don’t look like we’re related to the other 3 – but there are some similarities of interests and behaviors.

I harbor a fantasy that at some point, we can all come together and somehow get to know each other as adults but that may be difficult as we are flung all over the U.S. We are related by blood after all and no one has had a “falling out.” It’s just that the parents of the various halves did little – if anything – to foster relationships. And, with some of those parents still living, things are still a bit awkward. The situation makes me sad when I think about it. We are all victims in various ways of some poor decisions and choices that others made and that we had absolutely nothing to do with and no say in.

So, you go forward in life knowing that you have siblings out there with families of their own whom you don’t know except for the Christmas cards with photos that arrive each year. But, I hold on to the fantasy – which in reality is more of a dream, I guess – that perhaps sometime in the future, we might be able to gather together for more of a “meet and greet” rather than a reunion. Whether that ever happens or not, I sincerely hope and pray that life treats them all kindly because they are still my brothers and sisters.

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