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Break These Habits

January 4, 2012

I personally know of several folks who are either looking for a job because they are unemployed or wishing that they could change jobs because they are dissatisfied with the one they have. If you fall into either one of these categories it’s not good.  Unfortunately for job seekers, it’s an employer’s market out there.  Employers can be choosy. And they are, so I’m told, due to the sheer numbers of job seekers.

So, if you have a job be very thankful and do everything within your power to be the best employee. Now, I’m not suggesting that you bow to any illegal or unethical demands made by an employer or to accept abusive behavior of any kind.  Rather, what I’m suggesting is that you be the best employee that your employer has – the kind that they would think twice about before laying off or firing.

There are things – habits to either avoid or break – that can most certainly guarantee you the reputation of being a great employee. I ran across an excellent article that outlines those habits that can sabotage your job.  Here’s the link:

Happy New Year folks! I sincerely hope that everyone who wants/needs a job finds one……SOON! And, remember, to increase the odds that you will be or remain employed, resolve to break those habits that could be standing in the way of your success.

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