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Celebrate Love

February 6, 2012

Ah…it’s February the month when we officially celebrate love and people’s thoughts turn to hearts, flowers, cards and candy as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

I’ve heard several women say that Valentine’s Day should only concern the men – that it is THE day in which they are supposed to express their appreciation, admiration and undying love for the woman in their life. I, personally, have a different and broader view of Valentine’s Day.

First of all, I think that folks shouldn’t wait for any particular day to celebrate love.  Each day that we are given should be dedicated to being a more loving person. If everyone had this as their daily goal can you imagine how transformed our world would be?

Second, folks who aren’t in a romantic relationship often find it very hard to have the day come and go with nary a Valentine remembrance. So, start within your own family – make sure the elder members have been remembered.  Then think of your circle of friends.  Whose Valentine’s Day might be brightened by being remembered. In other words, use Valentine’s Day to shower the people you love with love on the day the whole world celebrates love.

Finally, if you want to really show your special Valentine how much you care, prepare or provide his/her favorite meal instead of going out. Now I like a nice restaurant as much as anyone, but as a friend pointed out, Valentine’s Day is probably the worst night to go out to eat.  Restaurants are crowded and there are usually only over-priced, prix fixe menus – either of which can dampen a romantic mood.  If you need some ideas for a Valentine’s Day menu, check out my Feb. 3rd “Foodie Fridays” post.  Just make sure to make – or bring home – your Valentine their favorites and, trust me, your Valentine’s Day celebration will be a hit.

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