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Write a “Love Letter”

May 7, 2012
Ahh….it’s May. The last full month of spring.  The month of beginnings and endings as the bridal and graduation seasons are in full swing.  It is also the month that we have a designated day to honor our mothers in the U.S.
In anticipation of that day, I thought I’d share with you a message that one of my readers sent to me. It might help inspire some of you to communicate to your mother words that will truly make her feel like a queen on her special day.
“Hi Medora! I am sending you the message my lovely great-niece sent her mother for her birthday.  It brought tears to my eyes when her mother shared it with me because it is what all mothers want to hear.  I thought your readers might benefit from it. And, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, the words she wrote would be appropriate for that day as well.”
Mama! You’re the best mommy in the world! I thank God that I was chosen to be your daughter :). And I pray that the dear Lord will let you live many more years for it would be awful to live without you. You’re the best mother and I want to thank you for all the wonderful moments you give me every day.  Where would I be without you? Without our quiet talks at night with you listening next to me? Thanks for all that and more.  Love you, your daughter. 
Some of you reading this will say, “that’s not my style.”  She might think something is wrong with me. But, trust me, most mothers would love receiving such sentiments.  These are the words they long to hear……especially from their grown children……….and especially if they are true for you – and her.
So, if you’re trying to think of something special to do for your mother to honor her on either Mother’s Day or her birthday, write her a “love” letter. Think of all of the good things your mother has done, is doing and will probably do for you in the future and then let those thoughts and feelings flow. On paper. In ink. That’s right – write them to her.  Texting and e-mail are just too impersonal. Trust me, if you do write your mother a “love letter,” that will be one of the most appreciated and cherished gifts she’ll ever receive.
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