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The Eternal Bond

May 28, 2012

Since May is the month for mothers, I thought a humorous look at the evolution of the bond between a mother and child was appropriate. Many of you may have read something like this before. I’ve updated and edited the original (author unknown) for the 21st century.

Evolution of the Mother/Child bond 

6 years             Mommy, I love you!

10 years           Mom you’re so smart!

16 years           Mom – whatever!

18 years           Mom – you’re so annoying!!!

25 years           I can’t wait to leave this house!!!!

30 years           I want to go to Mom’s house.

40 years           You were right…..

50 years           I don’t want to lose my mother.

70 years           I’d give anything/everything for my mother to be here with me.

If you are reading this and you are fortunate to still have your mother, re-read the last stage of evolution, “I’d give anything/everything for my mom to be here with me.”  Regardless of the current state of your relationship with or how you feel about your mother, trust me when I tell you that one day you’ll be at that final stage of “evolution.”

So go hug her if you can and tell her you love her.  Go on….you can do it. Really!

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