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It’s Independence Day!

July 4, 2012

June 23, 2011. That was the day last year when I saw my son off for his second deployment. It wasn’t any easier the second time than it was the first.

Today is Independence Day in the U.S.A. and I couldn’t help but recall what I was doing last year and in 2008 on this day – praying. Praying for my son’s safety as well as for the other deployed soldiers. Praying for the leaders of the various nations of the world – that somehow they’d wake up and realize the evil of war and all seek to end it for good. Praying that somehow I’d be able to breathe a single deep breath during my soldier’s deployment as I waited for each day to end without a visit from the Department of Defense – “we regret to inform you….” Thankfully, my son came home – safe and sound.  Some of his colleagues and friends did not.

So today is July 4th, 2012 and my heart is doing a happy dance. Why?  Well besides the fact that my son is not deployed any longer,  I’m grateful for so many things that our military has made possible over the 236 years our nation has existed. It was a struggle for freedom and liberty from tyranny in the 1770s and, sadly, the struggle continues today. That struggle that has cost so much will be lost if we take for granted the sacrifice that is, unfortunately, necessary.

I, for one, do not take my freedom and liberty for granted.  As a mother, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was to send my child off to war.  Yes, he was a man  – but he was still my “little boy” in my mother’s heart. So, folks, I made a sacrifice for our freedom and liberty – but, thankfully, not the ultimate one. He. Came. Home.

If you are one of the majority out there who have never served in the military or have anyone currently serving in the military, please be mindful of what soldiers and their families are going through.  It’s not pretty or easy.  And, remember who they are doing it for – you. You see, it takes a special mindset and sense of purpose for anyone to risk possibly having to sacrifice their own life to save others.  I believe that people who have that sense of purpose are higher evolved beings than those of us whose sense of purpose revolves around “me, myself and I.”  Think about it.

And, while you’re thinking, think about doing something concrete for service members.  Be generous with your time and money. Consider what they are doing concretely for the nation and by extension for you and yours. Be grateful – and show it.

Happy Birthday America! I love you.

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