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Kutcher and Kunis are Krazy !!

August 15, 2012

And they are making me crazy too!! As I write this, I’m wondering why I’m wasting time blogging about 2-seemingly-self-absorbed celebrities.  But, how they are conducting their lives REALLY bothers me because they are such high profile celebrities that many young people admire.

You may be wondering why their behavior bothers me.  After all, I’m not their mother, boss, etc. Nor am I related or connected in any way to Ashton’s estranged WIFE. So, just why does it concern me?  Why do I care? Well, I’ll tell you why.  Not so long ago, in a galaxy closeby, when most people separated and were headed toward divorce, they respected the fact that they were still married.  And, if the trash sites from where I’m receiving my never-to-be-considered-accurate information is, indeed accurate, Ashton hasn’t even officially filed for divorce from Demi Moore or vice versa.  Even if there has been a filing, until the courts render them divorced, they are still married.

So, I’m upset because, I know for a fact just how strong a hold that popular culture has on society – especially young people.  And, it riles me when high profile folks don’t get how their public behavior can negatively impact people they will never meet or know.  We see too many successful, beautiful, famous people living their lives with what appears to be a sense of entitlement – not giving a damn (yes, I said damn as I can’t think of a better word) how it is perceived, processed and emulated among those who do not have the maturity or ability to figure out that living an honorable, responsible and virtuous life is better for the individual and for society. And don’t think that turning vegan, saving orphans, whales, etc. makes that much of a difference – you and I both know that their PR agents had to have them do something redeeming.  Remember John Edwards going to Haiti to help clean up after he nuked his family?

So, here’s my message to Ashton: You’re. Still. Married. Clean up that mess first.

And, here’s my message to Mila:  He’s. Still. Married.  And, if he’s treated his gorgeous, talented wife and 3 step-children so shabbily, what makes you think he wouldn’t do the same to you eventually? Think about it………..

And don’t even get me started about JLo and Casper!  Really???

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