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Spreading Joy

March 11, 2010

No, this isn’t some syrupy post – I’m not that perky! Rather, this post is an open love letter to the world about Medora # 3 – or M3 as I also call her. She is my maternal grandmother and I love  and appreciate her more than I can adequately express.  She played the largest and most significant role in my upbringing and it was from her that I directly learned so many of life’s lessons.  Indeed, Medora’s brand is based on those lessons: Life’s Simple Truths ( Over the years, she has helped me navigate the sometimes murky waters of life by helping me see the often simple solution to a problem.  If I shared her advice with my friends, whoever was listening to me (and my current travail) would without exception remark, “I wish I had a grandmother like that”.  I have yet to meet anyone who has a grandmother quite like mine.  She is the wisest woman I, and many others, know. 

Friends have often asked me to run their situation by M3 for her advice and insight – and they had never met her!  I’ve also had friends reverently and respectfully ask to meet her, travelling great distances by car or plane just to do so.  I have observed on more than one occasion, as I was introducing them to her, how they approached her with an air of awe – sort of like meeting a great world leader or celebrity. Amazing, when you think about it.

The world is blessed to still have her but my family is the most blessed because we have direct access and contact. So, part of my mission – indeed my impetus as the contemporary Medora – is to share M3 not only with my friends, but with the entire world. You need her – really.

Incidentally, her first name is Joy – quite an appropriate name as that is what she brings, gives and shares. So now you understand the title of this blog. Got joy? If not, stay with me as I share and spread Joy’s (M3) wisdom and insight.  If it affects you the way it  has me, you’ll be much better and stronger.  And, your life WILL be much simpler.

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