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Men: Figuring Them Out is Not That Complicated

August 1, 2011

Recently, I was conversing with a twenty-something GenYer. She was talking about a couple she knew and that the male counterpart of this couple sometimes acted like a little boy.  He wasn’t necessarily immature – but he just seemed little boy-like.

Without even thinking, I quickly responded, “why, all men are little boys at heart.” To which she responded quite seriously, “are they really?”  “Yes, didn’t anyone ever inform you about that reality of life?”, I replied.  She shook her head “no” a little sadly. My heart was saddened by the fact that the very intelligent, highly educated and accomplished young woman before me had never been “educated” about men. I also shared with her that, in my opinion, some of the saddest people I’ve ever encountered are men who have had that interior little boy either beaten out of them – figuratively, speaking – or neglected. There were 2 grown, mature men in the room who nodded in agreement and gave me looks of appreciation.  I “got” them – and that doesn’t happen too often for men. Most women don’t even try to “get” men. Rather, they want to change them.

I was educated about men from the earliest age by my female relatives.  What I really  appreciate about that “education” is that it was based in reality and human nature. Neither political correct -ness, idealism nor romanticism played any role in that “education.”  As my grandmother still says, “you have to face facts.”  But most of us simply don’t want to “face facts” which has always puzzled me because facts are objective truth. And, the truth really does set you free.  From what? – you might ask.  Well, free from frustration, hurt, longing, loneliness – just to name a few things – as you struggle to form/manipulate/mold/create a relationship into an idea/dream that just may be unattainable or unrealistic. So, I truly appreciate and value what I learned – it’s helped me in ways that I could have never imagined.

And, because I know that there is a need, I’ll share some of the things I’ve learned in subsequent “Mondays With Medora” blogs this month.  Obviously, this information will be directed at women – to which some of you may ask, “what about the guys?”.  But, let’s face it – research has proven that women are the ones more likely to seek for answers to relationship issues far more than men.  However, I will have some things for them later which you can forward. (Come on, you don’t really think your boyfriend/husband is searching the web for relationship advice, do you?  If they are, they aren’t likely to admit it.  They’d probably rather admit to viewing porn.) So, stay tuned by either subscribing for e-mail notification, “liking” me on FB and/or following me on Twitter so you can receive notifications of new postings.

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