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THIS is THE Most Wonderful Time of the Year

April 2, 2010
I know, I know, Christmas is supposed to be the MOST wonderful time.  And, it is a wonderful time.  But I have recently realized that Spring is really the most wonderful time of the year. Which begs the question: why? Regardless of your religious views or beliefs, one of the great things humans do is to stop and celebrate/commemorate significant events in human history.  For both Jews and Christians, this time of year is very special, sacred and holy.  For others, this time of year marks the re-birth of the earth. So for many, this time of year represents hope, promise and renewal.  In the northern hemisphere, in a sense, all are “rescued” from the necessary ravages of winter.  Necessary because for new life to grow, there is either the death of something or dormancy as we await the spectacular array of spring colors. So, this is the answer to the “why?” . I really understand this when, on days like we’ve had here in South Texas when the bluebonnets are in full bloom, I pinch myself when I realize the privilege I have of being able behold such beauty. Feeling this way makes me feel like a little girl again and I just want to skip and sing.
So – my Simple Truth for today is this:  Indulge in “Spring Fever” and go outside, look around and really examine the beautiful complexity of nature.  It is part of the master design of the universe and is here for our enjoyment.  I hope beholding such magnificence makes your heart soar and sing with gratitude, awe and wonder as it does mine. My wish for all is that your “heartsong” elicits feelings of encouragement, hope and peace. And, that if you are so inclined, do some skipping and singing!
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