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Over the Highways and Through the Traffic

November 21, 2011

My handsome half and I are anticipating the arrival later this week of all 3 of our grown children.  The wonderful thing about their “coming home” is that we didn’t have to beg, plead or cajole as they each just let us know that they were planning to spend Thanksgiving with us. At home.

I hear of other families whose younger ones never seem to make time to visit or spend time with family during the holidays.  Oh, I know that sometimes a great opportunity arises – like a ski vacation or some fun in the sun around the holidays.  And, sometimes, it is work that prevents taking enough time to go make a visit – especially if “home” is farther away than a few hours drive. Hopefully, those travel opportunities and an overloaded work schedule won’t become a habit – or normal.

This year holds a special significance because our son who was deployed to Afghanistan was able to return earlier.  Until a few weeks ago, we thought that we wouldn’t have him around the table with us.  But, we will – along with our other 2 and the young man to whom our daughter is now engaged.

Needless to say, we are very thankful.  Thankful that our “children” want to “come home.” Thankful that they are all healthy.  Thankful that they are all employed.  And, thankful that they will all make the sacrifice of time and money to drive “over the highway and through the traffic” to come and maintain their relationship with us and each other.

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