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Hate is NEVER Funny

November 23, 2011

I caught an interview that was part of a media promotion for a new sitcom.  The title horrified me and made my hair explode: I Hate My Teenage Daugher. Before I even have the opportunity to view an episode (it’ll premier November 30th on Fox) I really don’t want it to succeed as I believe shows like this poison popular culture and negatively influences folks’ acceptance of what constitutes healthy parenting and teenage behavior.

According to the interview I heard and clip I saw, the show is about two mothers of  popular teenage daughters.  The mothers weren’t at all popular in high school – and in fact were outcasts.  So they are intimidated by and enabling of their smart-mouthed, disrespectful, arrogant daughters who are best friends.  Great. Just what we need – another television show that highlights behaviors that need not be emulated or accepted. By anyone. (I’ve written a book on this topic:

Oh come on, you might be thinking.  It’s only a TV show – most people will just laugh at the jokes, perhaps identify with the mothers and the challenge of raising teenagers.  However, whether we like to admit it or not, people, topics, etc. gain importance and influence when the spotlight of the media shines upon them.  It must be O.K. because it’s on T.V. The subtle – and often overt -messages work their way into our subconsciousness and it becomes a slow fade as society becomes more and more accepting of rude and crude behavior from (in this case) young people and incompetent parenting.

But I don’t want to only comment on the behavior of the teenage daughters. I find the attitude of the mothers equally as disturbing – understanble – but disturbing.  I’ve raised teenagers, so I do have the right to have an opinion. I’ve also been a teenager. And, if for one moment had thought that my parents hated me, well, to say that I would have been devestated is an  understatement. So, the title alone makes me wonder the impact that it will have on insecure teenagers and their sometimes fragile relationships with their parents.

Now, I’m not for censorship – so please don’t think that is what I’m advocating.  What I am for, however, is responsibility and the promotion of values that will encourage and inspire others to seek what is true, good and beautiful. Hate – no matter how “funny” you try and make it – is never good……or beautiful.

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