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Take Time To Breathe

December 5, 2011

This is the holiday season and with it comes an increase in anxiety that is fueled by spending money that you may or may not have, preparations, decorating, partying, family visits – you know, all of the commotion that surrounds this time of year.  So, for many of us, our last nerve is being stretched way too thin.

One way to avoid too much anxiety and/or stress and strain is to map out a plan and organize your ideas and activities that you feel you must do in order to fulfill your obligations to others and to yourself. I began doing this when I found myself with two young children and a demanding social calendar.  I learned that if I didn’t organize and pace myself, Christmas preparations would never get done and I would feel like a failure.  Since I don’t like self-inflicted wounds, I figured out how to wrangle and conquer all that I needed to. The culmination of this was my book, Christmas List Organizer. To this day, I use it personally and would be lost without it during the holidays.

Besides organizing my thoughts/ideas/activities, to survive the season with all of my nerves intact and functioning as they should, I have also learned to take time to simply breathe and be still. Or, to do something that brings my heart simple joy – like watching a favorite uplifting movie, playing with a dog or cat, kissing and nuzzling a baby – you know, activities that touch and open your heart.  Activities that make you smile. I did all of those last Christmas and I fully intend to do them again this Christmas.  I highly recommend it.

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