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How to Attract AND Keep the Man of Your Dreams

February 20, 2012

O.K. single ladies, you GOTTA listen up here.

I’ve been on 3 different television shows and participated in a chili cook-off and pie contest over the past week. And, within this same week, this very happily married woman has been asked: “Are you single?”, “Since you’re married, do you have a daughter who is single?” AND ….drum roll…. “Will you marry me?” Why? Because of my cooking. Seriously.

Whenever I share my personal stories of bringing grown men to the brink of tears and receiving multiple marriage proposals because of my cooking to some women, I invariably receive that judgmental up and down once over that most women – especially the really beautiful and/or “hot” ones – reflexively tend to give other women when they can’t quite comprehend what-in-the-world does THIS female specimen have to offer a man that I don’t? I love it when they do that and it doesn’t bother me one bit.  Why, might you ask? Well, it’s because I know a worst-kept-secret that they choose to ignore – and this is sad – because they mistakenly believe that they’ll ALWAYS be as beautiful and hot-looking as they were at 25 or 30. Or, worse, they’ll try so hard to maintain their beauty/hotness that they eventually morph into a petrified remain of their former self. And, they mistakenly think that all they need is to look beautiful and hot to attract and keep a man.  BUT, what they don’t want to admit – or, again, choose to ignore – is the fact that when it comes to beauty and hotness, Mother Nature and time always win. Always. So, if they are banking strictly on their looks, I hope that they have lucked out and found a really great guy who looks beyond the physical beauty. It happens.  But not often…..

So it has been that I have received several of those once-overs from disbelieving women.  I wasn’t boasting  – besides, if it’s true, you aren’t bragging – and I didn’t just offer up my week’s experiences, these women asked about the various television shows I’d been on and truly wanted to know the details.  So I shared the details and my amusement at the long-held truth that the way to a man’s heart – ANY man’s – was, indeed through his stomach.  They didn’t want to hear that.

Now, those above questions that were posed to me weren’t done so because the men were being polite, flirting, trying to flatter me or borrow money. They all approached me – I didn’t approach them. In one instance, there was a circle of about 6 men who gathered around me and urged me to continue broadcasting the message to women about what really makes them happy and what THEY are looking for. I promised them that I would.

The  above questions came from 3 different men at different times and were elicited because I had simply made something to eat that all 3 of those younger-men-I-could-have-given-birth-to REALLY liked. This has happened to me numerous times as I seemingly have a repertoire of man-pleasing recipes. In fact, most – if not all – of the recipes that I post on this blog site (see “Foodie Fridays”) are ones that have at various times elicited sighs, moans and looks of love from men-folk of ALL ages.

So, take note.  There really isn’t anything special about me to garner such a reaction from men – although my handsome half might argue with me about that. He thinks that I am special. For me, his is the only opinion that matters. Ever. And, if you too want a man who thinks you are special enough to make a life with – then after you attract him with your beauty, accomplishments, etc., feed him. It really is that simple. Make it something that HE wants. He’ll feel loved and cared for and you won’t have to say a word.  Good food speaks for itself.

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