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I’m SO Over Celebrity Worship

February 22, 2012

Celebrity worship is nothing new.  If you’ve studied history, at every time and place throughout recorded human history, there have been people who have seemingly risen above the masses and exhibited certain traits or talents that others envy, admire and/or emulate. I’m sure that even in the age of the cave people, there were those who were deemed to be worthy of adulation.

So it is with our current day.  Most of us, to some degree, get caught up in the cult of celebrity. We’re fascinated with fame and both consciously and subconsciously we want to be like, walk like, dress like….them.  And, we don’t even know who “them” really are.  Until, that is, their lives crash and burn and we, the adoring masses, wonder just how it can be that someone so talented, so blessed has as many problems and issues – if not more – than the rest of us. It is only then – unless they take to YouTube to broadcast their issues to the entire universe – that we learn of the sordid details of their lives. And, the wise among us realize the celebrity we admired – perhaps even idolized – had very weak feet of clay.

Which brings me to the topic that makes my hair explode.  Our priorities and subjects of adulation are misplaced. Celebrities entertain, enthrall and fascinate. Period. Big deal. When it all boils down, what do any or most of them REALLY do for humanity? Yes, many create artistically and bring beauty to an often dreary world. Some are altruistic and use their celebrity to draw attention to worthy causes. And that is a good thing. BUT, in comparison, soldiers and first responders protect and defend our enjoyment of those entertainments AND PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE for YOU to do so. They are the real heroes and should be the icons we revere, celebrate, have 7 days of media headline news coverage and fly our flags at half-mast for.

So if we were to have our priorities in proper order, soldiers and 1st responders would be the icons we would revere, celebrate, have 7 days of media headline coverage and fly our flags at half mast for. Not for an entertainer who – very sadly – left this world prematurely. I feel for her family – truly – as I would for anyone who suffers a first degree loss.  For the rest of us, we really need to put it into perspective and honor those whose lives – and sacrifices – really and significantly impact us.  If you live in the U.S.A., it is because of those sacrifices that you are free – not because of an entertainer.  Please ponder this truth.

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