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Arrgh!!! Why WON’T He Grow UP??!!??

April 16, 2012

Of all of the complaints that I hear from young women about their boyfriend/fiance/husband – the complaint that he “won’t grow up” probably tops the list.  Which presents one of the more frustrating dichotomies of life:  girls/women do seem to mature faster than boys/men.

So, what do you do if you find yourself involved with or married to a boy-man who is less mature than you’d like?  How can you make him “grow up?” Well… can’t. And he can’t either – at least not immediately or on demand.  “Growing up” takes time so if you love him, you’ll just have to be patient. Sorry to have to be the bearer of that news – but it’s the reality.

Think about it – can you hurry along a child’s maturation process? No. It happens over time and evolves as a child experiences life, faces consequences of behavior, etc. So it is with all humans. Some folks just take longer than others. And no amount of coercion, cajoling, nagging, etc. will speed up the pace at which it takes for any given person to “grow up.”

Another thing to keep in mind is this: it’s important to realize – no vital – that for a romantic relationship to thrive and survive, each person MUST accept the other for who they are, how they are and where they are in life.  Anything less is conditional love.  And, who wants or needs that?

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